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3491 19th St
San Francisco, CA 94110


We grew up drinking milk tea and to this day are still obsessed about it. We started Boba Guys as a way to share the milk tea we remember from our childhood (only this time with fresh ingredients; none of the powdered stuff).

We use only the finest ingredients: Straus Family Creamery organic milk accompanied with homebrewed heirloom organic tea from Five Mountains. Our syrup and almond jelly is homemade and we use Grade A balls. (We just like saying that. )

San Francisco


Boba Guys - NOPA
836 Divisadero St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

Monday-Thursday: 11am - 9pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm - 11pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm


Boba Guys - San Carlos
872 Laurel St.
San Carlos, CA 94070

Monday-Thursday: 9am - 8pm
Friday: 9am - 9pm
Saturday: 12pm - 9pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

 Photo Credit: Ross Pushinaitis at  Exceptional Frames , architectural credit to  TECTA Associates .

Boba Guys - Hayes Valley
8 Octavia St. #308

Monday-Thursday: 9am - 9pm
Friday: 9am - 10pm
Saturday: 12pm - 10pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm
We're Hiring!

Photo Credit: Ross Pushinaitis at Exceptional Frames, architectural credit to TECTA Associates.


Boba Guys - Mission Store
3491 19th St, San Francisco CA

Monday-Thursday: 12pm - 9pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm - 10pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

We're Hiring!


Boba Guys - Union Square
429 Stockton St., San Francisco CA

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 8am - 9pm
Friday: 8am - 10pm
Saturday: 12pm - 10pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

We're Hiring!


Boba Guys Fillmore
1522 Fillmore St., San Francisco CA 94115

Monday-Thursday: 11am - 9pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm - 11pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

Home to Sunday Bird, our secret Korean fried chicken popup in the back.

Sunday Bird hours:
Monday-Thursday: 11am - 8pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm - 9pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm


Boba Guys Potrero
1002 16th. St., San Francisco CA 94107

Monday-Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 12pm - 8pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm